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3 Reasons For Repairing Residential Glass

July 22, 2018

Window Pane or Window PAIN?

We understand the frustrations and concerns Little Rock residents have when it comes to the windows of their home. Windows are important to your home, they are usually the most fragile exterior element of your home, they need frequent cleaning, and even the most expensive window sills that keep your glass in place tend to wear as the years go by.

Q: What is the best option for homeowners when the windows on their home are less than pristine?

A: We recommend looking into repairing your residential glass before you replace anything. Here are a few reasons why.


1. Windows are important.

Windows can affect everything from curbside appeal to the quality of life you experience inside the house. Well placed windows and shades can help you keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The natural lighting that windows allow into your home is the best kind of lighting for interior design. Natural lighting is also good for your health.


2. Repairing a window is much easier and more budget-friendly than replacing.

Replacing your windows is expensive and won’t have much effect on your electricity bill. There are many other cheaper efficiency updates you can make to your home to save energy.

If you replace a window, you may find yourself needing to replace more than just the window that needed to be replaced. Your windows age together and mismatched windows are very obvious to potential buyers.


3. Consider the historical value of your home.

Arkansas has some beautiful homes that represent our history. Homes today are not made the same as homes that were built when Little Rock was just beginning to expand residential areas.

If you live in an older home, keeping the original windows is key to maintaining the historical value. Bert Black specializes in specialty glass. So even if the glass on your windows is no longer being manufactured, we’ll find a way to properly restore it.

Call Bert Black with all your window repair questions. Our residential glass services cover everything from window repairs, to specialty glass and custom mirrors. With your estimate, we will include any special details and answer any questions you may have about the replacement.

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We want you to know about all the options available for your damaged or worn-down windows, what everything will cost, and any potential problems that may arise.