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5 Springtime Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

May 9, 2019

As the weather starts warming up, you should get a head start on tuning up your air conditioning system before you really need to use it. Here are some easy maintenance tasks you can do yourself:

Change the Filter


One of the easiest things you can do to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to change the filter every month. By not letting the filter gets clogged up, you can reduce energy usage by 15%. If you have a permanent filter, be sure to take it out and rinse off the debris that collects on it once per month.


Clear the Drainage Hole


Most air conditioning units have a drainage hole at their cabinet’s base, located beneath the evaporator fins. For your unit to function effectively, this hole needs to be clear at all times. If any debris manages to plug up this hole, you could see your electric bill skyrocket as your air conditioning unit struggles to maintain the correct temperature. The easiest way to clean this is with a paper clip or small piece of wire.


Dry Your Dehumidifier


If you live in a particularly humid area, you can find your dehumidifier to be invaluable. Yet, if you neglect to properly dry the dehumidifier, it will not function as well as it normally does. At least once every couple months, take the outer casing off of the dehumidifier and let it dry completely for 24 hours. Once it is dry, use a handheld vacuum to get rid of any debris before you put it back together.


Clean the Bathroom Fan


Your bathroom fan works hard all year long, so it is essential to give your fan a tune-up at least once or twice a year. Remove the cover from your fan, then gently clean it with soap and water. The safest and most efficient way to clean the fan is to use a toothbrush, and double check to make sure the power is off before you start this task.


Remove Outdoor Obstructions


Because your air conditioning unit is outside and exposed to the elements, you need to be vigilant about maintaining it. Ideally, you need to inspect your unit twice a month for any loose vegetation or debris that may have gathered around the base. You should not allow any vegetation to grow within two feet of the unit to ensure that your air conditioning unit can pull in the air without obstruction.


Schedule a Maintenance Appointment


Last but not least, you should call your local HVAC professional to take a more thorough look at all of your systems and ensure that you did not miss anything. Feel free to shadow them during their inspection and ask plenty of questions so you can become a more informed homeowner.


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