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5 Things Your Plumber Does Before Going on Vacation

December 11, 2018

One of the worst things that can happen to you upon returning home from vacation is discovering that one of your appliances leaked and flooded your entire kitchen floor.

You might not think about what preventative measures you can take before you head out the door, but your plumber surely does! Here’s what they would tell you:


Inspect your Plumbing Fixtures

Before you go out of town, you should do a quick (but thorough) inspection of your appliances to make sure they have not developed any cracks or leaks. Make sure all the hoses are securely attached to your washing machine, look for any water stains or dampness around the base of your toilet, and keep an eye out for corrosion buildup or puddles around the base of your water heater. If there is an issue, call a plumber before your trip to avoid a potential disaster while you are away.


Maintain a Livable Temperature

It might be tempting to turn off the heat before you head off on your Christmas cruise, but your plumber would tell you to not give in to that temptation to save a few extra bucks. If you let your home get too cold during the winter months, your pipes could freeze and the expanding ice could actually make them burst. You do not have to keep your home as warm you would normally, but only drop the temperature by a couple of degrees at most.


Turn Off the Water Valves

At the very least, you should turn off the primary water supply valve in your home because if there is a leak and the valve is on, your home could end up being drenched in an unstoppable surge of water. Additionally, your plumber would probably also advise you to turn off the valves that supply water to your toilets and washing machines as an extra precaution to mitigate any potential damage.


Think of Your Future Self

This one is not exactly emergency-related, but it will make your return home a lot more pleasant upon your return. To keep your home clean, be sure to clean your garbage disposal with a half cup of vinegar and/or some ice to keep it smelling fresh, add half a cup of chlorine to your toilet bowl to prevent a ring from forming, and dump out the contents of your ice maker so the ice does not form a massive, unbreakable clump in the freezer.


Ask Someone to Check on Your House

No matter what precautions you do or do not take, it’s always a good idea to ask a friend or neighbor to check on your house every few days while you are away. That way, if a plumbing emergency does occur, they will be able to detect it much sooner and call a plumber to come to solve the issue before it gets worse.

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