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From Your Local Electrician: Lighting Installation Tips

January 23, 2019

Installing new lighting fixtures in your home is a fun and exciting project because it will give your home a completely new feel.

Yet, if you are not planning to hire professional help, you should keep these tips in mind that your local electrician would tell you:



You need to use different types of lighting for different spaces in your home to provide the most benefit to you. For example, if you are installing lights in your bathroom or kitchen, your local electrician would tell you that you need to make sure those lights are moisture-resistant. If you do not take the time to research what kind of lights are best in the space you are thinking of installing them in, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. Eventually, you could grow sick of them or they could stop working, and you will have to replace them yet again.


Type of Lighting

As your local electrician would tell you, the function of your proposed lighting is very important. The type of lighting you should buy for decorative purposes is very different than what you would buy for task purposes. For decorative or overall room lighting, you need larger, unfocused fixtures, but for task lighting (usually installed in kitchens or offices), you should use track lighting or recessed lighting. This will keep your overall lighting from being too harsh and will also allow you to see exactly what you are doing while you are cooking or working at your desk.



As with anything, creating a plan for your lighting will lead to a better overall result. To do this, measure the room where you want to install the lights and create a drawing of it on graph paper that is to scale. Sketch the furniture, fixtures, and wall adornments, and decide what you want to accomplish with your lighting. If you want to draw attention to a specific piece of art, you can sketch in some recessed lights in the area, or if you just want to add an upscale feeling to the room, you can sketch in a chandelier and some sconces.



If you just want to swap out some existing fixtures in your home, the job is quite simple. Yet, if you want to install new fixtures where wiring does not already exist, you may want to call a local electrician because this will be a little more complicated. You should not alter any wiring in your home unless you are professionally trained in this field because it can be highly dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. So, if it is a simple fixture swap, go for it and DIY! If you need new wiring, call your local electrician.