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From Your Local Plumber: 7 Tools to Keep Around the House

April 1, 2019

For major plumbing issues, it is a smart idea to call your local plumber to fix the problem instead of attempting to solve it yourself.

Yet, if you are experiencing some minor plumbing issues, like a clogged drain, or a leaky faucet, you might be able to repair it yourself with the help of some tools. Here are seven tools to keep on hand for your next plumbing issue:




A high-quality pair of slip joint or water pump pliers are very versatile. These have long handles, and they can grip a pipe of nearly any shape or circumference. You can use these to replace a sink drain basket, repair a kitchen faucet, or install a hose.


Flange Plunger


Your local plumber will tell you that a flange plumber is significantly more effective in clearing a drain than a traditional plunger. The flange of the plunger slightly inserts into the drain, which allows for more suction. This type of plunger is best used on toilet clogs.


Sink Auger


A sink auger is essentially a rotating drum snake for your drain. A sink auger can clear tough clogs, so it is often better to clear one with this instead of resorting to a potentially harmful drain cleaner. Be careful using this, though, so you don’t damage your pipes. Feel free to ask your local plumber for a demo next time they are at your home if you are new to the process.


Pipe Wrench


A pipe wrench is a cornerstone of any plumber’s toolbox. This tool is often used interchangeably with slip joint pliers, yet there are some situations where a pipe wrench is better. For example, if you are working with iron or steel pipes, it is better to use a pipe wrench because these metals are softer.




If you consider yourself to be an amateur plumber, you might not need one of these. Yet, if you are experienced or are aspiring to become a local plumber yourself, you might want to keep a hacksaw on hand to cut through rusted screws or saw through pipes.


Basin Wrench


A basin wrench has a long shaft and a swiveling jaw, which makes it the perfect tool to use when you are trying to fix something in a hard to reach an area. You could use this to secure a faucet to a sink that is located in a deeply recessed area in your home.


O Rings and Rubber Washers


O rings and rubber washers have nearly endless uses, and you never know when you might need one! These nifty little items are used to create tighter seals, prevent vibrations, and reduce noise levels associated with plumbing fixtures.


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