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Reasons to Fix Original Windows When You Remodel Your Home

January 8, 2018

The original, custom windows of an older home in Arkansas are are often irreplaceable. Homeowners face the decision to compromise on energy efficiency to save the value and charm residential glass adds to the house.

That’s where we come in.

Bert Black Service Companies offers quality glass service for residential glass in central Arkansas. We’ll get the window panes repaired and surrounding insulation resealed in no time. Our team of quality repairmen will help your home to keep its charm without compromising on energy efficiency.

Here are a few things you should consider when you are fixing up the windows of your home during a remodeling project.

Match the History of an Older Home. 

When you are remodeling an older home, it is crucial to keep the charm of the era your home was originally built in. Do some research. Once you get a good feel for the style you would like to maintain, you can venture into more modern options for your windows should you need to replace any of them.

Modern, energy efficient windows make it possible for your old home to have the large windows it deserves without compromising on energy efficiency. If the builders of your home had access to the quality, energy efficient windows we offer today, what would they choose?

Take the Location of the Window into Consideration. 

What will you be able to see when you look out these windows? A fabulous view is certainly worthy of a fabulously large window.

Natural lighting is key when it comes to interior design. Important rooms like living rooms and dining rooms would benefit most from the openness natural lighting brings to a room.

Think Outside the Box for Residential Glass

If you are renovating a difficult-to-decorate room, get an outside perspective. With custom windows, there are always more options than you would think.

As a service provider Black Bert Service Companies aims to exceed our client’s expectations when it comes to residential glass repair. Our goal is to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with our work.

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