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Your HVAC System Doesn't Have To Be An Eyesore | A Few Tips

July 22, 2018

Arkansas is also known for being the natural state with beautiful, often unruly, landscape

It doesn’t matter which system you get, all HVAC systems come with an outdoor unit or condenser. Every home in Arkansas should have a condenser located in their landscape — it is well worth the comfort of AC. These units consider efficiency, durability, and performance into account with every inch of their design.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them much of a lawn ornament.

Here are a few tips from the team at Bert Black for landscaping around your HVAC unit. Your home can have comfortable interior temperatures AND beautiful curbside appeal.


Give it space.

First, you need to know what your unit needs. Most condensers need two to three feet of space around them to perform their best. Check the owner’s manual to see if the same is true for yours.

Bert Black HVAC technicians install these units on concrete slabs or gravel flooring for optimum performance. Your unit may need more space around it than the platform provides.


Consider the shrubbery.

Many Arkansas residents design the landscaping around their homes with the foliage that is already growing. Arkansas sure can produce some stubborn-yet-beautiful foliage when it comes to front lawns. A few of us are lucky — or simply have the time and determination to dedicate to landscaping — to have preferences.

Condensers don’t like leaves. Leaves that fall and get caught in your condenser will negatively affect your HVAC performance over time. The best kinds of plants to have around your HVAC unit are durable and, maybe, evergreen.

Boxwood, cypress, cedar, and spruce are great choices. You can even place them to protect your unit from harsh weather conditions.  


Hide and protect your HVAC unit at the same time.

  • A lattice cover,
  • Large potted plants,
  • Trimmed bushes.

All of these will provide your HVAC unit a place to hide, and help protect it from the elements.

Your outdoor unit is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and debris. Landscaping around it would provide minimal insulation. Hopefully prolonging the lifespan of your outdoor unit.

Choose plants that are easy to maintain. You don’t want them to grow too fast and get too close to the condenser. Hedges are a great choice.


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